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August 2023 Newsletter Recap: Land

By Climatelinks

Did you miss the Climatelinks August newsletter? We’ve got you covered. Please find a recap of the August 2023 ‘Land’ theme below. You won’t want to miss this short list of top programs, resources, and blogs from the month. Do you want to contribute to the Climatelinks community? Send us a resource, blog, or event.

Equitable and inclusive land rights and sound resource governance systems play an important role in addressing the climate crisis. Around the world, marginalized populations, including women, youth, and Indigenous Peoples, lack clear access and secure rights to the land and property on which they live. These difficulties can be compounded by potential climate-induced displacement and conflict.

Fresh Blog Posts

Women’s Land Rights Champions Series

This series, originally published on, highlights USAID Women's Land Rights Champions. You can learn more from Corinne Hart and Ramanantsoa Serge on their work bridging land rights and climate programs on Climatelinks.

USAID Addresses Barriers to Green Financing in the Land Use Sector: Lessons Learned from Southeast Asia

From 2017-2023, USAID Green Invest Asia (GIA) helped catalyze $446 million in investments in sustainable agriculture and forestry, potentially averting up to 156 million tons of carbon emissions GIA presents a successful model for matching private-sector investors with investment-ready projects to improve sustainability across supply chains.

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Climate Change Brings Opportunities to Predict Droughts and Floods Earlier

Scientists with the Famine Early Warning Systems Network are using sea surface temperature gradients to better understand the adverse effects of increasingly frequent climate extremes. This understanding allows them to  predict droughts and floods earlier, valuable information for directing USAID's humanitarian response and supporting community resilience to climate change.

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USAID and NASA Support Bangladesh Land Planning for Food Security and Sustainable Development

Bangladesh’s population heavily relies on agriculture for livelihoods, but rapid land-use changes coupled with climate disasters are threatening its remaining arable lands. NASA and USAID's SERVIR Hindu Kush Himalaya project uses open-source satellite imagery to monitor land cover changes, strengthening the country’s sustainable rural land-use planning.

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Editor’s Pick: Land Resources 

Clear and secure land and resource governance (LRG) systems enhance sustainable land management and conservation and promote adaptation in response to climate challenges. This compilation of resources includes toolkits, case studies, and more for implementing LRG systems in USAID climate programming. 

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New Resources

A Practical Framework to Enhance Asset Circularity for Electric Utilities

By participating in circular economies, electric utilities can advance their supply chain security, sustainability, and resilience. This white paper provides practical steps for utilities and energy sector stakeholders to effectively embrace circular economies, with the flexibility to adapt to evolving technologies and changing business landscapes over time. 

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Advancing Climate-Resilient Education Technical Guidance

For Missions and Operating Units that advance climate action through education, standard indicators for both priorities may be applicable to their Performance Plan and Report. To streamline reporting, this new technical guidance from the Center for Education aligns education and climate change indicators to various programming examples. 

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Climate Risk Management Spotlight

What is the Climate Risk Management Process?

In this interactive e-learning course, USAID staff and partners can walk through the entire climate risk management (CRM) process, from planning through implementation. For users looking to easily access content on specific CRM phases, skip to the desired modules to quickly access the advice you need.

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