Community Spotlights: Ecosystem-based Adaptation Resources

By Katherine Cunningham, Joyce-Lynn Njinga

This month Climatelinks focuses on ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA). Explore below the many resources, blogs, knowledge portals and communities of practice related to this topic, shared with us by Climatelinks community members. If you have other EbA-related resources to share, please do so in the comment box at the bottom of this blog! 

Also, check out the USAID-supported EbA resources in the Climatelinks library, which include a report on how EbA can support resilience to extreme events and a case study detailing how an EbA approach was used in Mongolia to maintain water security in critical catchments.

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Communities of Practice & Knowledge Sharing Portals

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Adaptation, Ecosystem-based Adaptation

Katherine Cunningham

Katherine serves as the social media manager, content entry, and work flow coordinator for Climatelinks. She also assists with research and writing. Katherine has a Bachelor's degree in International Relations with a focus on environmental resources. She previously worked at Americans for Peace Now, a non-profit dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Katherine is committed to helping solve the climate crisis and is excited to apply her skills on the Climatelinks team.

Joyce-Lynn Njinga

Lyly is the Site and Community Manager for Climatelinks. She has a background in and passion for addressing challenges at the nexus of climate change and international development. Lyly contributes her capacity building, technical content development, and community engagement experience to Climatelinks. She supports and grows the communities encompassed in Climatelinks, connects practitioners with valuable experiences to share, identifies themes for focused engagement and knowledge-sharing activities, and connects practitioners to germane resources. Lyly has an MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development from the University College London and a B.A. in International Studies from American University.

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