Community meeting at the Mundabi Rural Health Center, Mundabi, Zambia.

Community Spotlights: Share Your Work on Climate Change and Conflict with the Climatelinks Community!

By Isabela Barriga

Climatelinks is focusing on climate change and conflict in January and we would like to hear from you!

The relationship between climate change and conflict is multipronged. Adverse effects of climate change on livelihoods, communities, natural resources and infrastructure can impact security and stability in a region. On the other hand, conflict-affected and fragile communities and regions can be prone to experience impediments to addressing climate change.

What are the various linkages between conflict and climate change? What impacts and challenges exist within this context? What effective governance, peacebuilding and other approaches address conflict and climate change related issues?

Do you have online resources, tools, videos, blogs or events you would like to share with the Climatelinks community that explore these questions? Send us a message at [email protected] with your resources by January 22 and we will share them via our blog, social media and monthly newsletter. We look forward to receiving and sharing information about activities and resources developed by your organization or others that you look to for guidance as a development practitioner.

Throughout the month visit the Climatelinks blog and library, LinkedIn and Twitter for case studies, methods, tools and resources we will share on this topic.

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Strategic Objective
Adaptation, Integration, Mitigation
Adaptation, Conflict and Governance, Clean Energy, Mitigation, Monitoring and Evaluation, Sustainable Landscapes, Training

Isabela Barriga

Isabela es gerente de redes sociales y coordinadora de contenido para Climatelinks a través del proyecto SEEK de USAID. Ella ayuda con la gestión de la información, la investigación y la redacción de blogs. Anteriormente, Isabela brindó apoyo de comunicación y gestión de contenido a organizaciones intergubernamentales, asociaciones público-privadas y misiones diplomáticas, incluidas las Naciones Unidas, GAVI (actualmente, la Alianza de Vacunas) y la Embajada de Ecuador. Isabela tiene un B.S. en Salud Pública y estudios completos en Desarrollo Internacional y Gestión de Conflictos (Universidad de Maryland, College Park).

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