Boy Collecting Plastic Waste: Maldives, March 2023
A young volunteer participating in a beach cleanup in the Maldives. | Photo Credit: Judy Lenaduwe

Editor’s Pick: Youth-led Climate Action Blogs

By Jamie Schoshinski

Young people are emerging as leaders in the movement to transform society towards a net-zero and climate-resilient future. USAID supports youth-led climate action across sectors through its diverse portfolio of global programs.  

Cambodia’s Youth Take Action for a Green Future

The decline of Cambodia’s biodiversity is devastating for the individuals who rely on the country’s natural resources for sustainable livelihoods. Since 2019, USAID’s Cambodia Green Future Activity has catalyzed a dynamic youth movement in the country around combating climate change and protecting natural resources, demonstrating the potential of youth as key agents of change in the country. 

Training Young Indigenous Leaders for the Clean Energy Economy

Northeastern Colombia’s Guajira region is home to a large population of the Indigenous Wayuu people. The Government of Colombia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy, in partnership with the USAID Scaling Up Renewable Energy program, prioritized engagement with local communities in Guajira, including Wayuu youth. USAID worked with the regional technological training institute and two local universities to create a workforce training program for Indigenous youth that certifies them to help build and manage the country’s current and future fleet of renewable energy projects.

The “Next Generation” is Leading Now: How USAID Supports Youth-Led Climate Action

Young people are raising awareness, leading initiatives, and making lifestyle changes to combat climate change, and adult decision makers have a responsibility to support them. USAID provides this support by reducing the impacts of climate change on youth communities and empowering young people to take climate action. These efforts complement USAID’s work across sectors such as education, economic development, and agriculture that are working towards transitioning to greener economies for all, including creating economic opportunities for youth.

Providing New Spaces for Indigenous Women and Youth to Champion Territorial Rights

Indigenous young people are fundamental to building sustainable livelihoods and serve as a powerful force for change in Roraima, Brazil. The Strengthening the Capacity of Indigenous Organizations in the Amazon project supported a young people’s farm that connects youth to income-generating activities and the knowledge of their elders.

Youth at the Forefront of Climate Action in North Macedonia

Involving youth in development programs is vital to driving meaningful change and inspiring global action to address the climate crisis. USAID’s Youth Actively Create Opportunities (YACO) Activity empowers young people in North Macedonia to channel their passions and creativity towards tangible solutions for our planet's future. In addition to encouraging artistic creativity, the YACO Activity also fosters technical innovation by hosting solutions-based competitions.

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Jamie Schoshinski

Jamie Schoshinski is a Program Associate with Environmental Incentives, primarily supporting USAID’s Advancing Capacity for the Environment (ACE) project as a Climatelinks Content and Social Media Manager. Jamie has a Master’s in Environmental Policy from American University and a BA in English and Political Science from Temple University. 


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