Fishing boat on Lake Turkana, Kenya

Ethiopia and Kenya Suffer Worst Drought in Decades

USAID announced (1/31) $97 million in emergency assistance to Ethiopia, to address a humanitarian crisis resulting from extreme floods and drought, which are undermining agricultural production and food security. The crisis is being linked to unusually intense El Nino global weather patterns this year.

The U.N. Humanitarian Affairs Office, OCHA (1/8), describes El Nino’s impact on East Africa in more detail.
The Washington Post (1/30) writes that rising temperatures and erratic rainfall patterns caused by climate change are exacerbating cycles of drought in sub-Saharan Africa. 
In northwestern Kenya, farmers are turning to fishing at Lake Turkana to sustain their livelihoods, but the world’s largest desert lake is drying up. 
Quartz (1/31) suggests that the severity and prolonged nature of the regional drought in East Africa is leading Ethiopians and other East Africans to migrate to Europe.
Separately, the Center for Climate and Security (1/20) reviewed a new U.S. Department of Defense Directive (1/14) which requires the department to integrate climate change considerations into planning and procedures in order to operate successfully. 
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