International Aviation Emissions Deal Ratified by U.N.

AP (10/6) reported that the U.N. International Civil Aviation Organization ratified an agreement to control greenhouse gas emissions from international airline flights. 

Climate Home (10/4) said the upcoming U.N. Habitat III conference, taking place in Quito, Ecuador, will outline a new global urban agenda. 
Scientific American (10/10) said U.N. delegates are meeting in Rwanda this week to negotiate the details of an amendment to the Montreal Protocol that would phasedown hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), an earth-warming refrigerant. 
The Guardian (10/10) said a new World Energy Council report predicts global per capita energy demand will decline after 2030 owing to new technologies and other factors. The report also predicts solar and wind energy will continue to grow. 
Thomson Reuters Foundation (10/10) reported that drought-resistant seeds are helping farmers in Kenya harvest food despite low rainfall. 
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