Green Group youths went for a study tour to explore real life experience and learning of forest conservation and forest protection at Elephant Valley project, Mondulkiri province, Cambodia.
Green Group youth participated in a study tour to learn about forest conservation and protection at the Elephant Valley Project in Mondulkiri province, Cambodia. | Photo Credit: Chenda Kun

May 2024 Newsletter Recap: Youth-led Climate Action

By Climatelinks

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Today’s youth, particularly those in developing nations, will face the most severe consequences of climate change. Often frustrated by inaction, youth have become global leaders in the fight against climate change. Investing in young people is a critical part of USAID’s 2022-2030 Climate Strategy. 

Fresh Blog Posts

The “Next Generation” is Leading Now: How USAID Supports Youth-led Climate Action

With record-breaking temperatures, the increasing frequency and intensity of natural hazards, and growing food insecurity, youth engagement in climate action is more important than ever before. USAID is working to reduce the impacts of climate change on young people and empower them to lead climate action. 

Young Activists Protect Colombia’s Natural Treasures

Indigenous communities in Colombia live in some of the country’s most remote regions, which gives them a deep understanding of and connection to nature. Indigenous youth throughout the country have taken up the mantle of advocates for the health and security of their communities and planet. This blog introduces some of these impressive activists. 

Young Cambodians Take the Lead on Climate Action

Young Cambodians are powerful voices for climate action. The USAID Cambodia Green Future Activity is leveraging the enthusiasm of Cambodia's environmentally conscious youth to advocate for social change and policy reform by uniting high school and college students to form Green Groups. These groups have been instrumental in the design and implementation of social and behavior change communications toolkits.

Youth at the Forefront of Climate Action in North Macedonia

USAID’s Youth Actively Create Opportunities Activity empowers young people in North Macedonia to take proactive measures against the impacts of climate change. It encourages youth to channel their passions and creativity towards tangible solutions for our planet's future by supporting creative environmental awareness-raising campaigns, innovative climate solutions, and climate-related research. 

Editor’s Pick: Youth-led Climate Action Resources

To support youth-led climate action, USAID aims to increase acceptance of young people’s meaningful participation, activism, and leadership on climate action and create tangible economic opportunities for youth in climate-friendly industries. These resources, hosted on Climatelinks, provide more information on USAID’s youth and climate work. 

New Resources

Climate Strategy Data Hub

USAID's Climate Strategy Data Hub provides information on USAID’s progress towards the six Targets laid out in its 2022-2030 Climate Strategy and the funding spent on its response to the climate crisis. In FY23, USAID budgeted $579 million for adaptation, clean energy, and sustainable landscapes programs to address the most urgent needs posed by the climate crisis. 

USAID’s Climate Work: FY 2023 Review

USAID is working with nearly 100 partner countries to combat the climate crisis during this decisive decade. In FY23, USAID supported its partners to: prevent 295 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, help communities in more than 60 countries build their resilience to climate impacts, conserve 82 million hectares of tropical rainforests, and mobilize $16.7 billion in outside public and private finance on top of USAID’s work.

Climate Adaptation and Its Measurement: Challenges and Opportunities

Climate adaptation is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to addressing climate change, but it can be challenging to track, monitor, and evaluate adaptation efforts. This document provides an overview of these challenges, current approaches to climate adaptation measurement, and guiding principles and their real-world application for program implementation and monitoring.

Climate Risk Management Spotlight

Climate Risk Management for USAID Projects and Activities: A Mandatory Reference for ADS Chapter 201

Almost all USAID projects and activities, whether designed by Missions or Washington Operating Units, must assess and address climate risks. This document includes an overview of climate risk management (CRM) in the program cycle; guidance on incorporating CRM into projects and activities; options for assessing climate risk; and information on monitoring, evaluation, and learning within the CRM cycle. 

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