Postcard from the Field: A Village Elder Learns and Shares New Techniques in Agriculture

By Climatelinks
Farmers are faced with new challenges in Mozambique, including the cycle of frequent droughts and drenching rains. Through her involvement with the Resilient Agricultural Markets Activity project in the Beira Corridor of Mozambique, this family farmer is learning how to increase productivity, profitability, and resilience of her farm through the adoption of conservation agricultural practices, like low/no tillage, soil coverage, and crop diversification.
Key to the success of this work is training of model family farmers who demonstrate the benefits of conservation agriculture in their own fields.
Postcards from the field feature submissions to the Climatelinks photo gallery. This photo was the winner of the “Planning a food-secure future” category of the 2019 Climatelinks photo contest. The Climatelinks community is encouraged to submit new photos to the gallery through this submission form.
Strategic Objective
Adaptation, Disaster Risk Management, Food Security and Agriculture, Gender and Social Inclusion, Resilience



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