President Barack Obama delivers remarks ahead of the U.S.-Nordic Leaders Summit.
President Barack Obama delivers remarks ahead of the U.S.-Nordic Leaders Summit. White House, May 13, 2016.

U.S., Nordic Nations Agree to Cooperate on Climate; Global Reports Cite Risks to Cities & Coasts

The Washington Post (5/13) said the United States, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway agreed to environmental standards and climate goals for the Arctic region, where commercial activities are increasing as ice recedes. 

In a White House press statement (5/13), the countries also affirmed their intentions to join and implement the Paris Climate Agreement, to transition to clean energy and to protect and restore forests. 
The Guardian (5/16) reported on a new World Bank-supported study, which warns that climate-related natural disasters will put 1.3 billion people at risk, particularly vulnerable populations living in coastal urban areas.
Thomas Reuters Foundation (5/16) highlighted an open-source disaster risk management tool that assembles information on disaster risks in a country or region. 
TIME (5/12) covered a new World Health Organization report, which says more than 80 percent of the world’s urban population is living in areas where air quality does not meet health standards. 
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