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Videos you may have missed in 2018

By Stephan Hardeman

In 2018, the Climatelinks community focused on a broad range of monthly themes, including climate change and conflict, public-private partnerships, gender, energy efficiency, and the SERVIR global partnership.

While each topic spurred contributions to the site’s various pages, including the blog, project pages, and resource library, some newly added content that was not directly related to themes deserve some additional attention. The new Climatelinks team is therefore taking this opportunity to feature some of our favorite videos that were added to the website in 2018.

USAID Clean Power Asia: Rooftop Solar (Thai with English Subtitles)

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This short video targets businesses considering rooftop solar installations to save money. The motion graphic video highlights the various economic and environmental benefits of solar photovoltaic technology, as well as free technical assistance offered through the USAID Clean Power Asia project.

USAID Clean Power Asia works with Lower Mekong countries and other Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member states to encourage power sector investments in environmentally friendly, clean energy sources. In particular, the initiative seeks to scale up renewable energy adoption ahead of an expected leap in regional energy demand over the next decade.

Climate Services for Resilient Development: Value of Regional Exchange

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This video features regional exchanges, which are one way the Climate Services for Resilient Development Initiative (CSRD) brings together experts in climate services from a wide array of backgrounds to create dialogue, share experience, and work together to find the best climate services solutions possible.

CSRD is an international public-private partnership led by nine institutional partners and serving three regional focus areas – Latin America, South Asia, and East Africa. Led by the U.S. Government, the CSRD partnership brings together financial investments, information resources, tools, and training to help at-risk nations prepare for and adapt to the changing planet.

Energy Efficiency and International Development

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This animated video follows a fictional character named Joe as he assists his community with increasing its energy efficiency. It notes the use of USAID’s Energy Efficiency Toolkit and its various resources as one method for embedding energy efficiency in national strategic growth plans, which benefit community and country alike.

USAID’s Training and Field Support Toolkit is a collection of resources aimed at helping users understand complex problems and create effective programs to solve them. Other USAID toolkits include gender equity, mini-grids, and cooking technologies and fuels.

Sustainable Landscapes Partnership: Building a Green Future in North Sumatra, Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia with English subtitles)

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In this video, we are introduced to various Indonesian perspectives on the importance of forest conservation and sustainable landscapes.

The Sustainable Landscapes Partnership (SLP), implemented by Conservation International and funded by USAID and the Walton Family Foundation, seeks to ensure healthy, sustainable societies for everyone. SLP takes a cross-sectoral approach to address threats resulting from increased demand for agricultural lands, and diminished access to clean water. This allows the partnership to promote climate-friendly development planning, responsible forest management, sustainable agricultural production, and long-term policy change.

This is the first blog in a three-part series covering content that was added to Climatelinks in 2018 but not featured under a monthly theme. Forthcoming blogs in this series will cover tools and webinars.

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Stephan Hardeman

Stephan Hardeman is the Site and Community Manager for Climatelinks. He draws on more than five years of experience in communications for international environmental trust funds to support Climatelinks through USAID’s Sharing Environment and Energy Knowledge (SEEK) initiative by engaging the Climatelinks community and featuring its work. Stephan has MAs in International Affairs (American University) and Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (United Nations University for Peace) and BAs in English and Anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin.

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