WWF Crowdsourcing Design Challenge

Crowdsourcing for Clean Energy

The WWF Forest team is unleashing the power of the crowd to develop new, self-sustaining ways of generating funding for alternative energy. WWF is running a crowdsourcing challenge through November 7, 2017 to bring together the best and brightest minds to illuminate new ways of funding this important work. Join us!

Defining issue

Nearly 3 billion people globally rely on fuelwood and charcoal to meet daily cooking needs. Daily use of these fuels results in forest loss, declining wildlife populations, human health problems from smoke inhalation, and greenhouse gas emissions. Improving access to clean alternatives for energy, specifically for cooking, is capable of not only improving people’s lives, but also restoring pristine forests and iconic wildlife.


Consumption of fuelwood/charcoal accounts for 2% of global emissions, or the entire aviation sector.

Your ideas

We are looking for bold, new, innovative ideas and models that promote solutions that overcome expensive barriers to scaling up access to alternative energy. The alternative energy technologies available, and programs in Africa and Asia, have been impactful, but the benefits have been limited due to lack of access to money. There are also high upfront costs for alternative energy, such as biogas.

Expanding access to funding for renewable energy can play a critical role in restoring forest ecosystems, alleviating poverty, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Overcoming the financing challenges has been elusive, however, and we seek to connect with a vibrant, collaborative crowd to break down this barrier for the benefit of people and wildlife the world over.

Prize. Visibility. Exposure.

Enter the challenge to make your mark on WWF’s work to halt deforestation and restore forests. The winning idea, to be decided by a committee of conservation, finance, and development sector representatives, will receive a $5,000 prize for first place. The winner will be given the opportunity to be featured in a blog post/article on the WWF website to promote the idea and discuss how to move forward with that idea. The winner will have access to interviews with WWF staff and scientists working to advance this work in Africa and Asia.

Join the crowd, the challenge, and ignite new ways forward for conservation! Click here to see the challenge and for the challenge rules.

Strategic Objective
Sustainable Landscapes, Mitigation, Climate Finance, Clean Energy, Biodiversity
Global, Asia, Africa

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