A group of women in colorful clothes stand together on recently tilled land.


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At a time characterized by record-breaking temperatures, increasing frequency and intensity of natural hazards, and growing food insecurity, youth engagement in climate action is more important than ever before.
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Boy sitting in cart pulled by donkey's on pond shore
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Mapping Water Availability Across Africa

A mother elephant stands behind her young calf in a savanna landscape.
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La Niña and Climate Change Cause Exceptional Drought in East Africa

The CEADIR final report provides insights on the role of financial and economic analysis, planning, policy, and finance in clean energy, natural climate solutions, and climate adaptation.
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CEADIR Final Report Highlights

Woman in maize
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Resilience through Remote Sensing

A female farmer kneels in a field of onions.
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Ethiopian Cuisine’s Star Ingredient Provides Clues on How to Farm in a Climate-Change Era

A woman holding a baby stands in an arid background.
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Climate Hazards Center Early Estimates and the East Africa March-to-May 2019 Drought