A group of women in colorful clothes stand together on recently tilled land.


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At a time characterized by record-breaking temperatures, increasing frequency and intensity of natural hazards, and growing food insecurity, youth engagement in climate action is more important than ever before.

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Credit East Africa Trade and Investment Hub Nairobi Business Commercial District
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Editor’s Pick: Urban Blogs

Teacher María Pérez, an award-winning author, is the mastermind behind the Dominican edubooks “Ernesto Visita”
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Highlighting the Dominican West Region through Environmental Edubooks

A farmer checks his rice crops
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Conscientious Cultivation

Ricord's and rhinoceros iguanas collage.
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Climate Risk Management Strengthens Biodiversity Conservation in Dominican Republic

Irrigation system with electrovoltaic energy
Postcards from the Field

Postcard from the Field: Irrigation System with Solar Photovoltaic Energy

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Supporting Beneficiaries in a Limited Funding Environment

A photovoltaic solar array sits in the foreground with mountains and sea visible in the background.
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Private Sector Training Empowers Minigrid Proposals for Haiti

Participants at the launching ceremony of the Climate Change Gender Action Plan of the Dominican Republic.
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Are Transmission Rates of Tropical Diseases Linked to Gender Inequality?

A small business undergoing demolition on Las Terrenas beach.
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Municipal Hurricane Resilience in the Dominican Republic