Coastal Resilience, Carbon, and Conservation Finance (C3F)

Coastal resilience and blue carbon present significant opportunities for achieving USAID’s high-level climate goals, including attracting $150 billion in public and private capital to climate finance; improving the climate resilience of 500 million people; and reducing, avoiding, or sequestering six GtCO2e in partner countries by 2030. Sustainable management of coastal, marine, and freshwater resources is also critical to biodiversity conservation and development goals such as improved livelihoods and food security.

To address challenges and support stronger matchmaking and ecosystem linkages between coastal resilience and ocean management actors, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Climate Finance for Development Accelerator (CFDA) launched the Coastal Resilience, Carbon, and Conservation Finance (C3F) activity. 

The purpose of C3F is to pilot an efficient, replicable mechanism to provide USAID Missions with the expertise to help local stakeholders develop and connect bankable biodiversity conservation, coastal resilience, and blue carbon projects with international and domestic sources of capital. As a result of C3F, private sector finance will flow into coastal resilience and blue carbon projects that generate biodiversity conservation, climate mitigation and adaptation outcomes with equitable benefit distribution and safeguards for local communities while improving global understanding of best practices. Importantly, the activity is not meant to outsource the design of broader coastal-marine programs, as there already exist robust design strategies and processes through USAID and other existing mechanisms; rather, C3F is meant to focus on closing the financing gap, by scaling and developing projects via innovative finance models and attracting private sector co-financing.

CFDA will also launch a community of practice to share lessons learned, best practices, and success stories from C3F. To receive updates on the community of practice and future partnership opportunities, join the Climate Finance Investment Network and explicitly state your interest in engaging with C3F in the intake form, as well as any technically relevant expertise your organization has. CFDA will share all full and open solicitations, amendments, and answers to questions with CFIN members.

C3F is an activity under USAID’s Climate Finance for Development Accelerator (CFDA), a $250 million initiative designed to mobilize $2.5 billion in public and private climate actions and investments by 2030. 

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