Climate Change Monitoring & Evaluation Resources


USAID programs with climate change benefits are required to report against a set of standard indicators, each with its own definition and some with supplementary guidance. Since effective performance monitoring starts with a clear view of a project’s goals, there are climate change related results frameworks and other materials available to help guide project design and performance monitoring.

GCC Standard Indicator HandbookSummary Sheet and Reporting Templates (Updated: August 2023)

The GCC Indicator Handbook includes the Performance Indicator Reference Sheets (PIRS) for each GCC Standard Indicator. The GCC Summary Sheet provides missions and implementers with a quick reference for the Standard Indicators. A GCC Standard Indicator Reporting Template has been created for each GCC standard indicator to facilitate results reporting from implementing partners, to their Contracting/Agreement Officer Representative (C/AORs).

The Reporting Geospatial Data for Sustainable Landscapes Activities Supplemental Guidance for Standard Indicator EG.13-8, offers additional guidance for partners designing, implementing, or reporting on Sustainable Landscapes activities, or any activity with a land-based emission reduction result. Additionally, an SL Activity Attribute Reporting Template helps provide a standardized background data collection form associated with the guidance.

These indicators and definitions may be revised periodically, so stakeholders should always confirm with GCC that they are using the current version.

Climate Risk Management

Climate risk management (CRM) is the process of assessing, addressing and adaptively managing climate risks that may impact the ability of USAID programs to achieve their objectives. This guide, CRM Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Knowledge Management, supports adaptively managing climate risks. The guide compliments USAID's Climate Risk Screening and Management Tools, which facilitate assessing and addressing climate risks during strategy, project and activity design.