Progress Toward Climate Resilience

USAID helps countries and communities predict and prepare for climate variability and change to minimize associated losses and disruption. This helps people sustain their livelihoods and thrive, which promotes stability and increases resilience. In doing this work, USAID employs four “building blocks” for climate-resilient development: 

  • Improving the availability, quality and use of weather and climate information;
  • Mainstreaming climate resilience approaches into governance, planning and budgeting;
  • Piloting and disseminating risk-reducing management practices; and
  • Mobilizing finance for climate resilience from multiple sources

To demonstrate how USAID’s support across these four areas has helped countries progress along a pathway toward self-reliance and long term resilience, USAID’s country timelines identify key resilience milestones and results. The timelines highlight the interdependent nature of the building blocks and how USAID’s investments complement government efforts to achieve their own key policy milestones. 

Country Timelines