Water Security for Resilient Economic Growth and Stability (Be-Secure) Project

Be-Secure sought to promote good governance and build capacity for long-term water security, improve access to water and wastewater treatment services, and build more resilient communities in the Philippines. At the local and regional level, Be-Secure worked with local governments and water service providers at the watershed scale to improve their ability to integrate climate change into local planning and the provision of water supply and wastewater treatment services. It also worked in partnership with academic institutions as centers of excellence that can sustain project initiatives. Examples of climate resilient infrastructure design from Be-Secure include:

  • Conducting water availability analysis for viability of potable water sources under various climate scenarios
  • Designing stronger roofs and elevated floor heights to better withstand winds and rain from typhoons
  • Integrating water storage and water efficiency measures into new infrastructure projects in areas projected to be affected by reduced rainfall; and
  • Integrating climate change considerations into all of the water and sanitation interventions

Water Security for Resilient Economic Growth and Stability (Be-Secure) Resources:

Key themes: water, infrastructure, disaster, governance, urban, training, vulnerability assessment, adaptation, coastal

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