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With two-thirds of the country less than 20 feet above sea level and with rapidly growing urban centers, Bangladesh is highly threatened by climate change. Resources listed below summarize existing information on climate change impacts, greenhouse gas emissions and USAID climate and development programs in Bangladesh. USAID staff and other development practitioners may find this information useful for climate risk management and for considering the linkages between climate change and development.

Climate Projections and Impacts

Refer to the Climate Risk Profile (2018) for more information

Climate Projections

Increase in Rainfall Intensity, Flood Incidence, and Cyclone Intensity & Incidence

Rising Sea Levels and Increased Incidence of Storm Surge

Increased Temperature

Key Climate Impact Areas

Agriculture and Food Security



Human Health

Water Resources

Funding and Key Indicators

USAID Climate Change Funding (2023)





Clean Energy


Sustainable Landscapes


GAIN Vulnerability


Population (2023)

167.2 million

GHG Emissions Growth


% Forested Area


Average GHG Emissions Growth due to Deforestation


Refer to metadata and sources for more details.

Climate Change Information

Climate Risk Profile

Climate Risk Profile: Bangladesh

(GHG) Greenhouse Gas Emissions Factsheet

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Factsheet: Bangladesh

Bangladesh Photo Gallery


Quick Planning Guide on Preparedness, Response and Recovery

Stories from the Area

The uptake of biodigesters is helping them reduce toxic air pollution and methane emissions, create better farm management practices for better productivity and output, and adapt to climate conditions.
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Photo 1: Binta Harruna, the Leader of the Hasken Mata Women Empower Group in Ningi, Bauchi State, Demonstrates Healthy Food Preparation for Women in Her Group.jpg
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Ariel view of a group of houses submerged in flood water