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The South America Regional Mission Environmental Program serves Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Brazil is home to the Amazon Basin and biodiverse ecosystems that provide essential services for many people both regionally and globally. The impacts of climate change in the Basin vary significantly and are vast; higher temperatures may change the range and distribution of temperature sensitive species, increased severity of drought can greatly affect the Amazon’s freshwater ecosystems and the people who rely on them, change in rainfall and temperature could impact the spread of disease, and sea level rise and storm surge will have substantial impacts on lowland areas of the Amazon delta. Climate variability and change also threaten agriculture in Brazil. The largest percentage of greenhouse gas emissions come from the energy sector, followed by agriculture, land-use change and forestry, industrial processes, and waste.

Climate Projections and Impacts

Refer to the Climate Risk Profile (2018) for more information. 

Climate Projections

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Increased Drought Frequency
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Increased Length of Dry Period

Sea Level Rise

Increased Temperature

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Funding & Country Climate Context

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USAID Climate Change Funding (2022)


$5 Million

Sustainable Landscapes

$5 Million

GAIN Vulnerability


Population (2023)

218.7 million

GHG Emissions Growth


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Climate Change Information

Climate Risk Profile

Climate Risk Profile: Brazil

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A girl standing in front of a whiteboard
O projeto da USAID de Capacitação de Organizações Indígenas na Amazônia (SCIOA) reuniu as três organizações indígenas da Amazônia brasileira que receberam apoio nos últimos quatro anos para celebrar o final do projeto em março de 2023.
Jovens participam de atividade de troca de conhecimentos agrícolas e geracionais em Roraima, Brasil
At an end-of-project event in March 2023, USAID’s Strengthening the Capacity of Indigenous Organizations in the Amazon (SCIOA) activity brought together the three Indigenous organizations it has been supporting in the Brazilian Amazon over the past four years.
The SCIOA Group stands for a photo on a beach.