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India’s diverse climate zones, ecosystems, and topography translate to unevenly distributed climate risks across the country. In the agriculturally important regions, rising temperatures, and increased extent and incidence of droughts have caused declines in rice and wheat yields. India’s most important river systems are fed by Himalayan glaciers, which are threatened by warming temperatures, severely impacting water availability for agricultural, domestic, and industrial use. In recent years, India experienced various extreme weather events which have increased the risk of heat-related issues such as stroke, exhaustion, and even death. India is the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Emissions through 2040 are expected to grow more than the rest of developing Asia combined as the economy grows and as India seeks to provide electricity access to the millions of people who lack it.

Climate Projections and Impacts

Refer to the Climate Risk Profile (2017) for more information

Climate Projections

Drought icon

Increased Severity of Droughts & Heat Waves

Increased Flooding from Sea Level Rise and Extreme Precipitation Events

Increased Temperature

Key Climate Impact Areas



Human Health


Country Climate Context

Population (2023)

1.41 Billion

GAIN Vulnerability


GHG Emissions Growth


% Forested Area




Funding & Key indicators

USAID Climate Change Funding (2023)


$16.7 Million

Clean Energy

$9.5 Million

Sustainable Landscapes

$7.2 Million

Investment Mobilized for Clean Energy (USD) (2022)


Investment Mobilized for Sustainable Landscapes (USD) (2022)


Hectares Under Improved Management Expected to Reduce GHG Emissions (2022)


Reduced or Sequestered GHG Emissions through Sustainable Landscapes Activities (metric tons) (2022)


Projected GHG Emission Reduced or Avoided from Clean Energy Through 2030 from Adopted Laws, Policies, Regulations or Technologies (tCO2e) (2022)


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Climate Change Information

(GHG) Greenhouse Gas Emissions Factsheet

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Factsheet: India

Climate Risk Profile

Climate Risk Profile: India


Incorporating Land and Resource Governance into Climate Change Programming

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