Climate change is changing the frequency and intensity of weather-related natural disasters like floods, droughts, and landslides. Nearly 90% of all disasters that happened in Indonesia between 1982 and 2012 were weather-related. Recognizing that Indonesia is one of the world’s largest emitters of the greenhouse gases, the Government of Indonesia (GOI) has committed to reduce its emissions by 41% by 2020 with international assistance. USAID supports Indonesia’s efforts to reduce GHG emissions and to improve awareness and the ability to adapt to the effects of climate change. In particular, USAID is working with the government and international palm oil producers to reduce tropical deforestation, and supports Indonesia’s goal of increasing renewable energy from five percent in 2006 to 23 percent in 2025. Our programs contribute to improved land-use planning, forest management, and strengthened climate and disaster resilience for vulnerable communities around the country.

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Indonesia - Coco Farmer
Indonesia - Coco Farmer