Aerial view of a fin-shaped island among bright blue and turquoise seas.


At a Glance

Maldives is a nation of 26 low-lying coral atolls less than one meter above mean sea level. The archipelago is becoming increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change.  Human activities causing damage to the country's coral reef systems exacerbate these effects leading to reduced fish populations, beach erosion and saltwater intrusion into freshwater tables.  Together with the Government of Maldives, USAID is working to enhance the country’s resilience to the adverse effects of climate change by strengthening the sustainable management of coastal resources and building the capacity, knowledge, and skills of citizens to better manage climate change challenges.

    Funding and Key Indicators

    USAID Climate Change Funding (2020)


    $5 Million


    $2 Million

    Clean Energy

    $1.5 Million

    Sustainable Landscapes

    $1.5 Million

    GAIN Vulnerability


    Population (2020)

    391,404 (2020)

    GHG Emissions Growth


    % Forested Area


    Small Island Developing State


    Climate Change Information