Panoramic view of an oasis valley full of greenhouses, surrounded by a semi-arid and hilly landscape.

West Bank and Gaza

At a Glance

Resources listed below summarize existing information on climate change impacts and greenhouse gas emissions in the West Bank and Gaza. USAID staff and other development practitioners may find this information useful for climate risk management and for considering the linkages between climate change and development.

Funding & Country Climate Context

USAID Climate Change Funding (2023)





Clean Energy


GAIN Vulnerability


Population (2023)

5.08 Million

GHG Emissions Growth


% Forested Area


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West Bank and Gaza Photo Gallery

Stories from the Area

At a time characterized by record-breaking temperatures, increasing frequency and intensity of natural hazards, and growing food insecurity, youth engagement in climate action is more important than ever before.
We are excited to announce the winners of the 2022 Climatelinks photo contest––our biggest contest yet. We received more than 200 submissions from the Climatelinks community, representing more than 45 countries.