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Peru is working diligently to reduce its overall per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in an effort to achieve climate-resilient, sustainable economic growth. The 2003 National Climate Change Strategy lays out the framework for Peru’s climate change adaptation and mitigation policies and actions. The 2010 Action Plan for Adaptation and Mitigation Against Climate Change describes the short- and medium-term climate change projects and priorities. The 2013 Planificación ante el Cambio Climático (Planning for Climate Change or PlanCC) prioritizes climate change mitigation measures for the energy, transport, industrial process, agriculture, land-use, and waste sectors.

Through the EC-LEDS program, Peru and the United States are working together to implement the country’s GHG mitigation goals by working with the national government to develop tools and systems for carbon monitoring and by assisting regional governments in promoting sustainable land-use management.

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Accomplishments and Progress

Improving National Greenhouse Gas Inventory System. With support from the U.S., Peru improved national greenhouse gas inventories for the forestry, environment, transport, energy and mining sectors. The improved inventory was included in Peru’s Third National Communication. A robust national GHG inventory system facilitates tracking of GHG emissions from all key sectors. An improved inventory will enable Peru to accurately report its emissions, which helps show the progress that all countries are making to address climate change. – 2016

Diversifying Financial Mechanisms for Sustainable Land Use. With U.S. support, Peru’s Agrobanco is supporting a new line of credit for agroforestry systems, initially aimed at coffee producers in Chanchamayo, Pichanaki, Satipo, Pangoa. A roadmap outlines the next steps in transforming Agrobanco into the first Green Bank in Peru, which includes the design of promotional materials and the capacity building of Agrobanco's managers for the implementation of the new credit product. This new line of credit will improve land management, which in turn reduces poverty in local communities, protects valuable natural resources, promotes clean air and water, and can improve production of important global commodities. – 2016

Strengthening Institutions. The EC-LEDS program is sponsoring a dedicated staff member to work within the Ministry of Environment to develop a road map for low emission development strategy (LEDS) implementation in Peru. – Ongoing

Facilitating Sustainable Forest Management. The EC-LEDS program is promoting dialogue among Peru’s national and regional forestry stakeholders to facilitate joint development and implementation of sustainable forest management processes, including forest inventory, biodiversity conservation, and research into new forest products and technologies. – Ongoing

Expanding Use of Data and Tools in the Forestry Sector. The EC-LEDS program is working with Peru’s national and regional forest authorities to design and implement a National Forest and Wildlife Information System, which will enable monitoring and management of forest resources in major logging corridors. – Ongoing

Supporting Community-Based Forest Monitoring. The EC-LEDS program and the Government of Peru are partnering to improve forest management and build sustainable, forest-based livelihoods in native communities. Assistance is focused on improving community competencies in dispute resolution and fair benefit-sharing systems, forest harvest monitoring, and development of commercial contracts with third parties. - Ongoing

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  • Estrategia Nacional de Cambio Climatico (Spanish)
  • Plan de Acción de Adaptación y Mitigación Frente al Cambio Climático (Spanish)

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