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Albania is working towards implementation of a national energy strategy that promotes low emission development and opens opportunities for private sector investment and clean growth.

Through the EC-LEDS program, Albania and the United States are partnering to promote energy integration into the Europe and Eurasia regional energy community by establishing energy markets, providing support to independent electricity regulatory commissions, and building the capacity of energy sector agencies and policymakers.

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National Roadmap for Clean Electricity Retail Markets Adopted. With technical assistance and support from U.S. energy experts, energy regulators in Albania strengthened their capacity to regulate electric distribution and supply in a competitive retail electricity market. This enhanced capacity enabled development and adoption of a national roadmap under the Southeast Europe Regulatory Bridge. The roadmap will implement Albania’s retail electricity market that enables consumers to choose where their energy comes from, including cleaner options. – 2016

Developing a National Energy Strategy. With support from U.S. energy experts, Albania is developing a new Energy Strategy of Albania to comply with the 2015 Power Sector Law. Policies under development for the Energy Strategy include feed-in tariffs for renewable electricity, grid connection prioritization for renewable energy producers, long-term power purchase agreements, and an obligation to purchase electricity from renewable electricity producers with installed capacity of less than 15 megawatts. – Ongoing


Promoting Reliable Distribution Interconnections. The U.S. experts worked with the distribution system operator (DSO) in Albania to improve the climate resilience of its power distribution systems. Albania and regional DSOs enacted climate change-related emergency response and disaster preparedness recommendations from an innovative regional benchmarking study on service quality and system reliability. Reliable transmission and distribution infrastructure throughout the region is needed for cross-border trade and exchange of electricity generated by clean and innovative energy technologies. – 2015

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