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The Greening the Grid Toolkit provides a wide range of on-line resources to support grid-connected clean energy.

August, 2015

As part of the Greening the Grid effort, the EC-LEDS program has launched, a toolkit that officially debuted at the Asia Clean Energy Forum on June 16 in Manila, Philippines. Greening the Grid provides technical assistance and practical tools and resources to energy system planners, regulators, and grid operators to overcome challenges associated with integrating variable renewable energy to the grid. 

The Greening the Grid  toolkit offers information and guidance to inform power system stakeholders as they work to scale up the proportion of variable renewable energy systems. Toolkit resources include:

  • Fact sheets on emerging practices for addressing grid-integration challenges through policy, market, and regulatory mechanisms
  • Training materials and information on upcoming events
  • In-depth resources on key grid integration topics (e.g., ancillary services, balancing area coordination, demand response and storage, wind and solar forecasting, grid integration studies, and distributed solar generation)
  • An “Ask an Expert” service that provides developing countries with remote, no-cost consultation and advice upon request.

For more information, view the Overview of Grid Integration webinar on the Clean Energy Solutions website.