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A photo of people standing and looking at a commercial building

EC-LEDS program energy experts lead hands-on classes for Gabonese officials on assessing the energy efficiency of air conditioning units in Libreville. Photo by Eliza Hotchkiss, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

July, 2015

To improve energy efficiency in Gabon's public sector, the EC-LEDS program has built a strong working relationship with the country's Budget and Energy Ministries. These efforts are now bearing fruit, with the attention of Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba. The president's strong support is critical to implementing the energy efficiency opportunities identified for Gabon.

In March 2015, an EC-LEDS program team of energy efficiency experts visited Gabon to lead hands-on energy audits of public buildings in Libreville. Following an energy efficiency training course for public sector employees, four key staff from the Ministries of Budget and Energy participated in on-site assessments of seven public buildings. These assessments included comprehensive energy audits of the building envelope, ventilation and air conditioning systems, lighting, plug loads, motors, and renewable energy solutions.

The resulting evaluations included high-level recommendations and savings potentials for energy and water conservation measures. Gabon’s Climate Council briefed the President on the opportunities for the buildings visited, including recommendations for Presidential properties.

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