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Photo of a panel of five sitting on a platform that reads: "U.S. Center 2015 Paris"

A panel of energy experts at COP21 discuss Mapping the Future: Data Enables Smart Renewable Growth.

January, 2016

In December 2015, as part of the U.S. outreach efforts supporting the United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP21) climate change negotiations, the EC-LEDS program led two successful events focused on renewable energy resource data and tools.  In the first event titled Mapping the Future: Data Enables Smart Renewable Growth, a panel of energy experts from government and industry discussed the role data and mapping plays in enabling effective public policy and private sector investment for renewable energy growth. Throughout the discussion, high-resolution Philippine wind maps, developed through the EC-LEDS program, were showcased on NASA’s 10-foot tall hyperwall to illustrate the value of good renewable resource data.

In a series of follow-on sessions, an EC-LEDS program energy expert led hands-on demonstrations of the interactive Philippines’ Wind Prospector and Geospatial Toolkit. Session participants, representing a cross-section of nations and non-governmental organizations, learned more about the power of mapping tools and the challenges countries face in developing robust databases to support renewable energy deployment.

 Watch video of the panel discussion.