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Photo of a cement pathway through a forest

For forest conservation, Gabon works to enhance its carbon data management capacity.

August 2013

In support of Gabon’s forest management and conservation priorities, the EC-LEDS program works through the U.S. SilvaCarbon program to enhance the country's capacity to monitor and manage forest and terrestrial carbon.

With nearly 85% of Gabon covered by forests, forest management and conservation become key components of its integrated, economy-wide low emission development plan.

To date, EC-LEDS program forestry experts worked with Gabonese counterparts to:

  • Design and establish a nationwide carbon inventory
  • Train Gabonese field teams in the collection of forest and soil measurements
  • Assist in the analysis of field data to quantify forest biomass and carbon stocks
  • Initiate the development of a forest carbon calculator.

Gabon produced its first estimate of carbon stocks using existing remote sensing and field data. But more information and refined estimates are required to guide its Climate Plan and to inform the development of its land-use plan. To fill these gaps, the United States and the Gabon-SilvaCarbon partnership provides on-the-job technical assistance and classroom training focused on:

  • Increasing knowledge of forests and carbon stocks
  • Testing methodologies for forest monitoring
  • Improving capacity to collect and manage forest data
  • Informing development and land-use management decisions through the provision and analysis of data.

This effort builds capacity for assessing impacts of economic development activities on forest carbon and land use in Gabon, and contributes to the development of a national land-use plan.

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