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The EC-LEDS program supports the development of geospatial analysis tools and provides resources to facilitate geospatial analysis globally. Geospatial analysis tools are critical in identifying renewable energy opportunities and catalyzing clean energy investment to achieve key climate and development goals.

Tools In Action

A map image of the Philippines
The U.S. Agency for International Development and the Philippine Department of Energy launched two state-of-the-art tools focused on renewable energy development.

Key Tools

RE Data Explorer

RE Data Explorer (formerly the Enterprise Geospatial Toolkit) is a web-based analytical tool that provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface to visualize renewable energy potential. It enables users to analyze solar, wind, and biomass potential under a variety of scenarios to inform high-level prospecting and integrated planning. It is currently available for 11 countries and more country tools are under development. For more information about renewable energy data and to access the RE Data Explorer, visit the RE Explorer website. The RE Explorer portal provides renewable energy data, analytical tools, and technical assistance to developers, policymakers, and decision makers in developing countries.

Desk-Based Geospatial Toolkits

The desk-based, Geospatial Toolkits are non-web-based, open-source software applications that also support integrated renewable energy planning with an intuitive map-based interface and analysis features. They are available for over 20 countries. Download from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory website.

More Tools

See our Tools Library.