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Designing Power System-Friendly Auctions

Wed,  Mar
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Power system stability and reliability become more complex as more shares of variable renewable energy (VRE) are integrated into the electric grid. Auctions enable countries to seek out the most cost-effective renewable energy projects on the market while enhancing dispatchability, promoting the use of utility-scale batteries, lowering emissions, and creating local jobs.   

Join USAID’s Scaling Up Renewable Energy (SURE) program for a webinar on Wednesday, March 10, at 9:00 a.m. EST as we explore how renewable energy auctions can support VRE integration to the power system and wholesale electricity markets. We will discuss auction design elements that can help policymakers:  

  • Reduce system integration costs by procuring renewable energy that is produced when and where it is needed;
  • Increase the use of utility-scale batteries to generate larger proportions of usable grid power from VRE;
  • Enable renewable energy technologies to compete with one another or thermal technologies in auctions; and
  • Incentivize the integration of renewable energy into the wholesale electricity markets through feed-in premiums. 

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