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Financing long-term strategies: are least developed countries and funders aligned?

Tue,  Oct
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Join IIED for the webinar, Financing long-term strategies: are least developed countries and funders aligned? on Tuesday, 19 October to explore whether expectations from least developed countries (LDCs) are being met for climate action in the form of long-term strategies and climate-finance delivery.

The Paris Agreement invited countries to formulate and communicate ‘long-term low greenhouse gas emissions development strategies’ (LTS). But it's not prescriptive on what a long-term strategy should look like, so countries must determine what suits them best in terms of both content and process.

Such uncharted territory poses a unique challenge for LDCs. While several LDCs are in the process of developing their LTS, the practice, politics and research around long-term strategies is woefully lacking in featuring the LDC experience – dominated so far by major emitters and emerging economies. 

To make the LDC experience more prominent in mainstream LTS research, it is vital to gather input and perspectives from LDCs and other stakeholders on what is needed to address LDCs’ unique challenges in developing the LTS.


  • Alpha Jallow, director of the climate change secretariat and UNFCCC focal point in The Gambia’s Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources
  • Chekwoti Irene, senior climate change officer – mitigation, in the climate change department at Uganda’s Ministry of Water and Environment
  • Davinah Milenge Uwella, principal programme coordinator at the African Development Bank Group
  • Neha Mukhi, senior climate change specialist at The World Bank
  • Cynthia Elliott, associate for the global climate program at the World Resources Institute
  • Clare Shakya (moderator), director of IIED’s Climate Change research group

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International Institute for Environment and Development

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