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A Guide to Distributed PV Utility Revenue and Retail Tariff Impact Analysis

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Around the world, jurisdictions are contending with a range of opportunities and challenges associated with the increasing adoption of customer-sited distributed photovoltaics (DPV). Depending on a range of technical, economic, policy, regulatory, and market-related factors, the adoption of DPV may have a net positive or negative financial impact on utilities and ratepayers. As DPV policy and program-related decisions are considered, it is often useful to quantify this expected net financial impact, so an acceptable balance can be struck between ratepayer protections, DPV market development, and other relevant public policy objectives. This webinar will highlight the USAID-NREL Partnership’s DPV Revenue and Retail Tariff Impact Analysis Guide and will walk participants through the purpose of conducting these type of analyses and key considerations to keep in mind, showcasing the methods and results of several analyses completed throughout Southeast Asia.


  • Alexandra Aznar, USAID-NREL Partnership Portfolio Manager, NREL
  • Naim Darghouth, Principle Scientific Engineering Associate, LBNL
  • Owen Zinaman, Senior Policy Analyst, NREL

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