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Pathways for Sustainable Development in the Amazon

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The fate of the Amazon has come to define Brazil’s standing in the world and permeates its engagement with other nations, including the United States. Yet the challenges of climate change requires a multilevel, coordinated effort by a number of policy actors—including, critically, subnational governments. As the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has noted, subnational actors have an opportunity “both to be part of implementing mitigation commitments made at national level and to go beyond current pledges and raise ambition.”

In Brazil, a central player in these debates has been the nine-member Consortium of Governors of the Legal Amazon. The consortium recently launched a regional Plano de Reconstrução Verde (Green Recovery Plan) for the Amazon, focused on a four-part strategy to address deforestation, sustainable development, green technology and infrastructure.

On October 25, 2021 the Brazil Institute is honored to host a discussion on the role of state-level governments in strengthening conservation and pathways for sustainable development in the Amazon, with keynotes from Governor Flávio Dino of Maranhão and Governor Helder Barbalho of Pará followed by a panel discussion on opportunities and challenges for investment and sustainable growth in the Brazilian Amazon.

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