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World Resources Forum 2021

World Resources Forum 2021
Tue,  Oct
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A multi-stakeholder dialogue to put Earth’s resources at the heart of the global green transition.

The governance, management and use of natural resources play a pivotal role in the global transition towards green, low-carbon and resilient economies. Such policies and processes are decisive for humankind’s ability to successfully cope with the interlinked environmental crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. Only by having in place sustainable, equitable and inclusive processes for harnessing resources, the transition can deliver distributed and long-lasting environmental, economic and social benefits.

This is why we need a  ‘Green Deal for Sustainable Resources‘: a wide engagement and commitment of all societal stakeholders to collaborate on solutions for the sustainable extraction, use and recovery of natural resources. The World Resources Forum 2021 aims at providing the grounds for stakeholders from policy, science, industry and civil society to come together and engage in an open and inspiring dialogue to discuss the most pressing challenges and co-create solutions for a prosperous future. For all.

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