For an overview of where USAID Green Invest Asia has been recently, or will soon be, see below events we have organized, hosted or contributed our expertise, as well as upcoming events. To learn more about collaboration opportunities, please contact us at [email protected].

Upcoming events



Sustainable Coffee Dialogue Webinar#6
Establishing Carbon Footprint Baselines for Robusta Coffee Production in Vietnam and Indonesia: Results and Lessons Learned from Industry Collaboration

USAID Green Invest Asia and the Global Coffee Platform are co-hosting this sixth and final webinar in the Sustainable Coffee Dialogue series, which follows from a June 2022 webinar that introduced a pre-competitive collaboration developing industry-accepted carbon footprint baselines for coffee production in key origins. Study partners will provide an update on progress to date, share key findings with a focus on results and recommendations, and explore implications for the coffee sector and beyond. Register here. More details forthcoming closer to event date. For more information please contact [email protected], or check this event page



USAID Green Invest Asia Forum: Sustainable Land Use in Southeast Asia

USAID Green Invest Asia is organizing this in-person forum at the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. The event will convene an expected 200 stakeholders, including industry leaders, buyers, processors, investors, development finance institutions (DFIs), donors, and other relevant stakeholders with business interests in sustainable agriculture and forestry sectors in Southeast Asia. The event will close out USAID Green Invest Asia after six successful years transforming the sustainable agriculture and forestry sectors in Southeast Asia, in collaboration with businesses, investors, and financial institutions. It will allow participants to share information, experiences, and best practices on sustainable land use business models through panel discussions and networking opportunities for investors and environmentally and socially responsible land use businesses. To register,

No upcoming events.

Past events

USAID Green Invest Asia Forum: Sustainable Land Use in Southeast Asia
May 18-19, 2023

USAID Green Invest Asia organized this in-person forum at the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, which convened near 200 industry leaders, buyers, processors, investors, development finance institutions (DFIs), donors, and others with business interest in sustainable agriculture and forestry sectors in Southeast Asia. The event marked the close out of USAID Green Invest Asia after six years transforming the sustainable agriculture and forestry sectors in Southeast Asia, in collaboration with business, investor, and financial institution partners. Participants shared information, experiences, and best practices on sustainable land use business models through five panel discussions and networking side events for investors and environmentally and socially responsible land use businesses. More information here.

Sustainable Coffee Dialogue Webinar: Establishing Carbon Footprint Baselines for Robusta Coffee Production in Vietnam and Indonesia — Results and Lessons Learned from Industry Collaboration
April 5, 2023

USAID Green Invest Asia and the Global Coffee Platform co-hosted the webinar “Establishing Carbon Footprint Baselines for Robusta Coffee Production in Vietnam and Indonesia: Results & Lessons Learned from Industry Collaboration”, the sixth and final webinar in the Sustainable Coffee Dialogue series, which followed a June 2022 webinar that introduced a pre-competitive collaboration model that is developing industry-accepted carbon footprint baselines for coffee production in key origins. Study partners shared key findings and recommendations from a 15-company collaboration to establish a carbon baseline measurement methodology in Southeast Asia’s coffee sector, and explored implications for the coffee sector and beyond. Final report and supporting materials available here.

Fostering Green Production and Businesses to a more Resilient Economy in Vietnam
December 8, 2022

USAID Green Invest Asia and Mekong Safeguard partnered with the Vietnamese Ministry of Planning and Investment to co-host this in-person workshop on sustainable finance in Hanoi. Experts shared with participants from Vietnam’s banking sector their experience connecting “green” businesses with investors, and best practices on supporting sustainable business models, throughout the region. For a read-out of the meeting that covered regional trends in sustainable finance, green finance market opportunities for Vietnam’s banks, and ways Vietnam’s businesses and economy can benefit from increased green lending, read here.

7th Sustainable Coconut Roundtable
“Advancing Resilient and Sustainable Coconut Supply in Southeast Asia”

November 25, 2022

USAID Green Invest Asia, GIZ, and Sustainable Coconut Steering Committee (SCSC) convened the 7th Sustainable Coconut Roundtable in Manila, Philippines for coconut supply chain actors interested in sustainable coconut and coconut oil investment opportunities. They gathered in plenary and group discussions on advancing coconut sustainability in the Philippines as well as farmer perspectives on intercropping, diversification, and regenerative practice; networked at an industry reception; outlined areas of climate collaboration, and; heard from the new secretariat, BSR, on the creation of a Sustainable Coconut Platform.

Climate Change and Cocoa
Strategies for Mitigating Risk and Building Resiliency

November 2, 2022

USAID Green Invest Asia and Cocoa Association of Asia co-hosted this webinar on strategies/actions that cocoa industry leaders are taking to reduce the impacts of climate change and increase supply chain resiliency. Panelists shared their experiences adopting sustainable sourcing strategies, and developing appropriate metrics as well as climate-smart business models. For more information, the event recording and presentations, please consult the event write-up.

Establishing Carbon Footprint Baselines for Coffee Production
June 29, 2022

USAID Green Invest Asia and Global Coffee Platform hosted this webinar, which covered standardized methodologies and procedures for carbon footprint measurements, and showcased progress in Southeast Asia’s transition to meet ambitious climate pledges and net-zero commitments. Event read-out here.

Enhancing Low-carbon Coffee Production with Digital Solutions and Remote Sensing: Sustainable Coffee Dialogues
April 28, 2022

This fourth webinar in a seven-part Sustainable Coffee Dialogues series covered technology innovations in low-carbon coffee production in Southeast Asia, including farm-based digital solutions and remote sensing applications. Experts shared how technology is facilitating carbon accounting and monitoring in support of a carbon-neutral coffee sector. For more information, visit our Sustainable Coffee Dialogues page.

6th Sustainable Coconut Roundtable: Securing Farmers’ Livelihoods
March 31, 2022

The Sustainable Coconut Roundtable focused on “Securing Coconut Farmers’ Sustainable Livelihoods”.  The event provided an update on the formalization of the Sustainable Coconut Roundtable platform, an overview of livelihood challenges coconut farmers face, and expert panels on the potential of sustainable sourcing initiatives to increase coconut smallholder income and livelihoods. Event recording and presentations are here.

Climate Finance in the Coffee Sector: Sustainable Coffee Dialogue webinar series
February 10, 2022

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Green Invest Asia and Global Coffee Platform (GCP) convened coffee producers and investors on February 10, 2022 to discuss climate finance opportunities and platforms available to lower carbon emissions across Southeast Asia’s coffee value chain. More information and event recording here.

2nd Sustainable Coffee Dialogue: Regenerative practices
November 24, 2021

Experts ranging from soil microbiologists to agronomists and supply chain managers debated what regenerative coffee systems should look like, the feasibility for smallholder coffee farmers to transition from current production systems that are intensive monoculture (only coffee crop planted) to more “regenerative” ones that increase productivity, biodiversity, and carbon stocks, and how to mitigate any short-term trade-offs as farmers diversify their plantings. More information here.

Clean energy supporting sustainable landscapes/ecosystems webinar
October 26, 2021

As part of Clean Energy Week Cambodia 2021 organized by EnergyLab Cambodia, USAID Green invest Asia convened a panel on the linkages between deforestation and clean (renewable) energy in Cambodia, featuring H&M Group, Khmer Green Charcoal and ATEC* Biodigesters International. Event recording here.

Sustainable Coffee Dialogues (launch)
October 6, 2021

USAID Green Invest Asia project and Global Coffee Platform (GCP) launched the first of seven virtual industry Sustainable Coffee Dialogues that convene companies across the coffee value chain to collaborate on reducing sector-wide greenhouse gas emissions. Upcoming dialogues will focus on intercropping (November 24), carbon accounting methodologies and low-carbon coffee production basics (January 26, 2022), monitoring solutions (March 30), climate finance (May 25), pre-competitive collaboration to develop common criteria for sustainable coffee (July 27),  low-carbon coffee trends and identifying joint impact initiatives (September 28). Follow us on Linkedin for updates and to register for upcoming dialogues. Event read-out and recording of the first dialogue available here.

Sustainable Coconut Roundtable (5th annual)
September 29, 2021

Less than one year after the landmark launch of the Sustainable Coconut Charter, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Green Invest Asia, global cocoa manufacturer Barry Callebaut, and the German Development Agency (GIZ) reconvened on September 29 more than 100 participants – almost all from the private sector, representing nearly 80 institutions   — to start implementing the charter’s sustainability principles. Event write-up and recording available here.

Cambodia Climate Change Summit 2021 (CCCS21)
September 28, 2021

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through its sustainable land use finance technical assistance hub in Southeast Asia, USAID Green Invest Asia, organized two sessions focused on climate finance for the September 28 Cambodia Climate Change Summit 2021. The hybrid event in Phnom Penh featured experts working on four key components of climate change response: collaboration, mitigation, adaptation, and green finance, the latter of which facilitates investments to  improve the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Recording available here, and a read-out of the two finance sessions is available here.

Innovations for Impact: Regenerative agriculture in Southeast Asia webinar
May 19, 2021

Convened by USAID Green Invest Asia and Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), agribusiness and finance experts reflected on common constraints as well as potential solutions for investing in and scaling regenerative agriculture (farming practices that reverse climate trends and improve the ecosystem). The event featured panel discussions to explore – and prioritize — opportunities for regenerative farm operations, and impact-oriented investment opportunities that deliver financial returns. The event introduced IRIS+, a system for measuring, managing, and optimizing impact for regenerative agriculture by GIIN. Event recording, agenda and presentation available here.

“Commodity-driven forest loss: A study of Southeast Asia” webinar
March 31, 2021

USAID Green Invest Asia and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forestry Service convened a webinar to discuss the business implications of the “Commodity-Driven Forest Loss: A Study of Southeast Asia” study. The event drew more than 100 participants from business, investment, civil society and government seeking to mitigate risk and capitalize on the study’s findings. An expert scientific panel presented recommendations to promote sustainable economic development and carbon storage in landscapes, while agribusiness and investment leaders shared challenges and opportunities to act on the study’s findings. The event recording is available here, and presentation can be downloaded here.

Fintech, smallholders and sustainability in Southeast Asia webinar
February 24, 2021

Financial technology, or fintech, reduces the risk and cost of lending to smallholder farmers and can incentivize them to adopt sustainable agriculture, according to new research commissioned by USAID Green Invest Asia from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), which was presented in this roundtable with fintech representatives covering Southeast Asia. Research available here.

Launch of Sustainable Coconut Charter
November 16, 2020

In support of the Sustainable Coconut and Coconut Oil Roundtable, USAID Green Invest Asia, Barry Callebaut and Grow Asia convened a virtual signing event to launch the Sustainable Coconut Charter. The event featured the charter’s founding signatories plus panel discussions on potential impacts of coconut production on deforestation and biodiversity conservation, as well as a pre-competitive initiative among six multinational corporations and GIZ to drive coconut sustainability in the region through the charter. To request to become a signatory, visit (where you will find a recording and write-up of the launch) or write [email protected].

Climate Change Impacts and Opportunities in Cambodia
October 20, 2020

USAID Green Invest Asia and the Association of Banks in Cambodia convened more than 60 senior representatives from Cambodian banks on October 20 to examine climate risks and opportunities for the lending community. More here.

Sustainability for Business Forum 2020: Innovative business solutions for a green recovery
October 8, 2020

USAID Green Invest was a strategic partner for this 4th annual forum on business sustainability forum in Asia organized by the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce, the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, and the Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce. The event featured three tracks: smart cities, sustainable fashion and food for the future, which included Harmless Harvest and Nestle discussing their sustainable sourcing strategies. For more information on the event, write-up here.

AMCHAM Thailand Membership Meeting: Innovation Solutions in Agriculture
September 23, 2020

USAID Green Invest Asia presented at this chamber’s annual meeting how it catalyzes investment and innovation in sustainable land use in Thailand and throughout the region.

Climate-smart agriculture investment opportunities in Southeast Asia (webinar)
September 16, 2020

Almost 90 participants from industry, impact investment and NGO sectors joined a joint webinar co-hosted by USAID Green Invest Asia and Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) on September 16.  The two organizations issued a joint call for proposals from climate-smart agriculture, forestry and other land use projects seeking capital-raising support.  The CEO/investor panel featured two sustainable agricultural investment opportunities, IBIS Rice in Cambodia and Lionheart Agrotech in the Philippines that USAID Green Invest Asia is supporting with capital matchmaking and investment-readiness services. USAID Green Invest Asia’s senior advisor, John McGinley, provided investor perspective on the state of agriculture lending and private equity investment. Event materials are forthcoming.

Clean energy and climate investments in Southeast Asia
August 5, 2020

We have partnered with the Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN), which provides coaching support to developers of climate-resilient and clean energy projects, to reach prospective investors, businesses and project developers who share an interest in sustainable land use, which includes agriculture and forestry. This webinar provided an overview of sector-specific opportunities.

Webinar: Perspectives on financing smallholder rubber
July 30, 2020

More than 80 business leaders in banking, agribusiness, investors from the public and private sectors and other rubber supply chain actors joined us for a web launch of findings from a study on smallholders’ access to finance for rubber tree replanting in Indonesia.  Please find the study and a summary of it here:
A recording of the event can be downloaded here

Gender-lens investing workshop with Association of Banks in Cambodia
July 15, 2020

While near 80 percent of microfinance borrowers in Cambodia are women, they make up only 15 percent of bank borrowers. The estimated unmet credit demand for women nationwide is a little over $1 billion. To help close that gap and make local banks more “bankable” to international banks that value sustainable finance practices,  USAID Green Invest Asia presented a training webinar to more than 50 members of the Association of Banks in Cambodia on the business case for gender-lens investing, announcing a tailored toolkit it has designed to integrate gender criteria into investments. For more information, read here. 

EIU intercropping study launch
July 9, 2020

Commissioned by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Green Invest Asia project, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) studied the current models and potential for scaling up intercropping in Asia, and what the private sector and investors can do to realize full economic and environmental benefits. Findings were launched with industry leaders on July 9, 2020 via webinar.

2nd Sustainable Coconut and Coconut Oil Roundtable
June 30, 2020

Following the success of the 1st Sustainable Coconut and Coconut Oil Roundtable, and Coconut Conversation held in 2019, Barry Callebaut and USAID Green Invest Asia co-organized the 2nd Sustainable Coconut and Coconut Oil Roundtable. This webinar convened coconut product buyers, processors, research institutes, sustainability experts as well as financiers. Key objectives were to exchange updates on sustainability initiatives, and advance collaboration on sustainable coconut supply chains, including developing the Sustainable Coconut Charter. For more information, please see this write-up.

Webinar: Carbon Footprint Accounting for Banks Co-hosted by Association of Banks in Cambodia
May 13, 2020

USAID Green Invest Asia project facilitated more than 30 Cambodian banks’ carbon accounting efforts as part of a partnership with the Association of Banks in Cambodia. In a May 13 webinar, USAID Green Invest Asia convened consulting firm, South Pole, and Rabo Foundation to share processes and profit incentives for banks to report on carbon emissions. For more information, read here.

Webinar: Responsible Agriculture Investment Hosted by Grow Asia and OECD
April 29, 2020

We presented along with other panelists on the role of the financial sector driving responsible agricultural supply chains in Southeast Asia; how agribusinesses can attract investment through responsible actions, and; how responsible business guidelines may help guide investment in agricultural supply chains. Resources shared during the webinar are available for download here.

Trade event: Business opportunities in agriculture, Phnom Penh
February 6-7, 2020

A  two-day agriculture trade event earlier this month in Phnom Penh organized by  U.S. government agencies convened more than 250 agriculture producers, investors and buyers―including a delegation of some 20 U.S. companies―for high-level government meetings and industry briefings on climate-smart production, sustainable sourcing, finance, digital innovation and more. Read more here.

Asia Financial Institutions Forum (AFIForum), Bangkok
January 22-23, 2020

We co-organized the second annual Asia Financial Institutions’ Forum on impact investing in Bangkok on January 22-23, moderating sessions on blended finance and “green”, or sustainable, banking that examined how Asia’s financial markets can bolster Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments. The event convened more than 600 investors and companies seeking sustainable finance, which rewards companies and initiatives with strong ESG performance with preferential financial products. For more information, read here.

Coconut conversations: Sustainability in action, Bangkok
November 7, 2019

The half-day coconut networking event organized with Barry Callebaut in Bangkok on November 7 th , and evening reception co-hosted with PepsiCo, convened coconut industry leaders to advance pre-competitive collaboration on sustainable coconut supply chains and continue discussions about a sustainable coconut “charter” at a time when global demand outstrips current supply.
Download a copy of the event outcome report here

Asiainvestors Thailand Investment Forum, Bangkok
October 10, 2019

USAID Green Invest Asia joined a sustainable finance panel that examined ways to incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance criteria into investment strategies, with a focus on land use investments.

Regional sustainable coffee forum, Manila
August 29, 2019

Representatives of coffee businesses and financial institutions from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam addressed cutting-edge coffee concerns including the rise of “premium” high-quality coffee, buyers’ perspectives on sustainable sourcing, and investors’ challenges and successes financing coffee at this networking/capital matchmaking forum we organized with the Philippine Coffee Board and International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA).

Blended finance in the Philippines, Manila
July 1, 2019

The Association of Development Finance Institutions in Asia (ADFIAP), USAID Green Invest Asia, and Convergence, in cooperation with Land Bank of the Philippines, held a conference on blended finance that highlighted the approaches and experiences of employing blended finance to emerging and frontier markets to scale up financing of investments required to meet the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network annual conference, Singapore
June 26, 2019

In collaboration with USAID RISE and Asia Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), we organized and moderated a session on “Using Patient Capital to Support Impact Investment” that explored the main features of patient capital, case studies of how it is deployed challenges for impact investors, entrepreneurs and scale-up potential.

Responsible Business Forum, Bangkok
March 26-27, 2019

We co-sponsored the 6 th annual Responsible Business Forum on food and agriculture, moderating a session on innovative finance in agriculture and leading a panel on women in agriculture that presented findings from our study on women and sustainable consumption.

Cambodia Women’s Entrepreneur Association training, Phnom Penh
March 19-20, 2019

The Center for Private International Private Enterprise invited USAID Green Invest Asia to lead a session on communications and speed networking, addressing unique challenges businesswomen face, for a training for some 20 female entrepreneurs with the Cambodia Women’s Entrepreneur Association.

Sustainable coconut and coconut oil roundtable, Kuala Lumpur
March 7, 2019

To address coconut production challenges, USAID Green Invest Asia and Barry Callebaut co-organized in Kuala Lumpur an inaugural Sustainable Coconut and Coconut Oil Roundtable, where industry leaders agreed on broad areas of improvement for the coconut industry, and agreed to pre-competitive collaboration to work toward improving the coconut supply chain through developing a sustainable coconut charter.

Vietnam agriculture and forestry training, Hanoi
February 25, 2019

We supported a training co-hosted by U.S. Forestry Service, the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) and Servir Mekong for Vietnamese agriculture and forestry officials on the use of satellite imagery to identify land-use change patterns, presenting our assessment of carbon measurement tools.

Asia Financial Institutions Forum, Bangkok
January 23-24, 2019

In addition to co-organizing and co-sponsoring the inaugural Asia Financial Institutions Forum, USAID Green Invest Asia moderated the open plenary session forecasting sustainable finance trends, a session on green finance, and organized a panel on sustainable banking in Thailand.

Private-sector sustainable rubber dialogue, Ho Chi Minh City
December 4, 2018

More than 50 company representatives attended the half-day event, which featured executives from Vietnam’s top umbrella group of producers, Vietnam Rubber Group; two certification bodies; IKEA and; Halcyon, a founding member of a global sustainable rubber platform to address challenges of sustainable rubber production in Vietnam.

Vietnam Export Forum 2018, Ho Chi Minh City
November 28, 2018

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry invited USAID Green Invest Asia’s Chief of Party, Christy Owen, to share with its members about “Connecting sustainable agriculture and forestry businesses with global value chains and finance”.

Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) Sustainable Agriculture Lab, Bangkok
November 22, 2018

USAID Green Invest Asia organized ANDE’s inaugural learning lab in Southeast Asia on sustainable agriculture, which brainstormed ways the agricultural eco-system can sustainably feed a growing world with shrinking natural resources.

Responsible Business Forum, “Shaping the world in 2030: Partnerships for SDG action” Singapore
October 11-12, 2018

USAID Green Invest Asia’s moderated a session on “Innovative Financing and the SDGs” to explore different ways to mobilize and deploy capital, at scale, to finance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Responsible Business Forum, “Scaling collaboration to deliver the SDGs”, Jakarta
March 27-28, 2018

USAID Green Invest Asia moderated a panel with financiers on scaling private investment in sustainable land use in this fifth edition of the Responsible Business Forum on Food and Agriculture, attended by more than 400 decision-makers from businesses, governments, investors, and NGOs who discussed case studies of successful collaborations.

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