Forest Patrollers in the Philippines Using USAID and DENR Innovation

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning


Global Climate Change Monitoring & Evaluation Resources

USAID programs with climate change benefits are required to report against standard indicators, each with its own definition and some with supplementary guidance. Effective performance monitoring starts with a clear view of a project’s goals.  Thus, climate change related results frameworks and other materials guide project design and performance monitoring.

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Global Climate Change Evaluations

A large number of evaluations are being conducted related to USAID’s climate change and development activities.  These evaluation reports are excellent sources of project or activity level information and lessons learned across the Global Climate Change portfolio.

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Monitoring Tools & Calculators

USAID supports the development of user-friendly tools and calculators to assist bureaus, missions and their partners to collect monitoring data that is robust and standardized.  These include clean energy and sustainable landscapes greenhouse gas emission reduction calculators as well as an institutional capacity assessment tool.  

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Climate Finance Roadmap Template

USAID’s HEARTH initiative aims to advance both the sustainable conservation of threatened landscapes and the well-being and prosperity of communities.
Single puku standing still on misty plains
HEARTH is a collaborative public–private partnership approach to sustainable development initiated by USAID that seeks to address biodiversity loss and climate change while supporting the livelihoods of local communities. 
A women cocoa farmer in San Pedro de Urabá, Colombia, holds a cocoa tree full of poods.
The most visited resources in 2023 cover a range of topics including climate risk management, climate finance, and indicators for climate change and development.
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