Natural Climate Solutions: Program Fact Sheets

USAID implements programs to help partner countries conserve, manage, and restore forests and other globally important landscapes. These programs help combat climate change by contributing to reducing land-based greenhouse gas emissions, an important goal of USAID’s 2022–2030 Climate Strategy. They also improve human well-being by strengthening livelihoods and resilience. 

USAID works with communities (including Indigenous Peoples), businesses, and governments globally to achieve scalable impact. The Agency and its partners take a systematic, landscape-wide approach to natural climate solutions through programs that mobilize finance for nature, improve laws and governance, build institutional capacity, make information accessible, advance equity, and support improved landscape management and planning. 

USAID’s Natural Climate Solutions Division has worked with more than two dozen countries through bilateral, regional, and global programs. Explore current and recently closed programs implemented globally and in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Asia below.


USAID’s global natural climate solutions programs help countries combat climate change while improving livelihoods and resilience. 

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USAID works with local community members and policymakers across Africa in forest conservation and restoration, sustainable resource management, and biodiversity conservation activities.

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Latin America & the Caribbean

USAID programs in Latin America and the Caribbean help build the resilience of local communities, Indigenous Peoples, and ecosystems to climate change, and help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions through reforestation, sustainable land management, and clean energy initiatives.

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Across Asia, USAID's work helps build climate resilience through disaster risk reduction, forest monitoring, and sustainable agroforestry. 

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