Photo Contest FAQs

What is the purpose of the Climatelinks Photo Contest?

The 2021 Climatelinks Photo Contest wants to promote compelling images of Climate Change and People: The Challenges and Opportunities. We are looking for submissions that capture the human dimension of climate change, in particular, social and economic responses to global change.

When is the contest?

You can submit photos from June 1 to July 16, 2021.

What kinds of photos should I submit?

We want to see high quality photos that highlight the human dimension of climate change. We have rules and requirements for the format and quality of the photos.

To review examples of relevant submissions, refer to the main photo contest page.

How do I submit photos?

Fill out a submission form. It’s easy! Be sure to read the rules and requirements prior to submitting your photos. You will be asked to include a title, submitter name, photographer attribution, a summary, and a short background story about the photo and what it means to you. You will also need to associate the photo with the country where it was taken.

Why should I include a background story?

Background stories will capture a description of the photo and what it means to you. They will also give viewers a stronger sense of the context of the photo. Additionally, if you are selected as a finalist, you may be contacted by the Climatelinks team with a request to feature your photo and its background story in a blog.

Can I submit more than one photo?

Yes, you can submit a maximum of five (5) entries. Please complete a separate entry form for each submission.

Do photos have to represent only USAID-funded work?

The photo does not have to represent work that is funded by USAID. If it depicts climate and development, and is relevant to the theme, we want to see it!

What happens after I submit a photo?

You will receive an email with all of the information you provided in your submission, including a link to the photo you uploaded.

Can I edit my entry once it has been submitted?

Once it is submitted, you will be able to review your photo on your “Submissions” page. However, you will not be able to edit your photo once it is submitted. If you have an updated entry or additional material that you would like included with your entry, email [email protected] with the subject "Photo Submission Change Request." Please be as clear as possible when emailing us with your request. If you need to make multiple major edits to your submission, please make a new submission and contact us to let us know which submission to review.

How will my photos be used?

All accepted photos will be featured in a public Photo Gallery on the Climatelinks website, and may also be featured in the Climatelinks newsletter or in other USAID materials.

What do I win?

Bragging rights! Winning photos will be announced in Fall 2021. They will be featured in Climatelinks communications, highlighted on the website’s topic pages, and showcased in the Climatelinks public photo gallery. Winning photos will also be featured in the Climate and Cross-sectoral Strategy Branch’s official 2022 calendar.

Winners may have the opportunity to write a blog about their photo. The Climatelinks team will help!

Do I keep the rights to my photos?

You maintain ownership of the rights to your photos. However, your submission grants reproduction rights to USAID’s Climate and Cross-sectoral Strategy Branch for use in print or online materials. When and if your photos are selected for such use, they will be credited to you according to the information you provide during submission, as well as USAID branding guidelines.

Who is sponsoring the Photo Contest?

The competition is an initiative of the SEEK Contract, a mechanism out of the USAID Offices of Forestry & Biodiversity, Energy & Infrastructure, and the USAID Climate and Cross-sectoral Strategy Branch.