Photo Contest Rules

The Climatelinks 2021 Photo Contest is open to anyone with great photos that depict Climate Change and People: The Challenges and Opportunities.
Each entrant may submit up to five images complying with the requirements and rules below. Entries will be judged on relevance to the theme, as well as composition, originality, and technical quality. Winners will be announced in Fall 2021 and subsequently featured in USAID’s communications and outreach, and highlighted across the Climatelinks website. All photos will also be published on the Climatelinks Photo Gallery.

    Submission Rules & Requirements

    Technical requirements:

    • Content: Photos “tell the story” of "Climate Change and People: The Challenges and Opportunities," and capture the human dimension of climate change.
    • High-resolution: Photos must be high resolution (minimum 1200x1200 pixels and 300 pixels per inch). The minimum size accepted is 1MB.
    • File type: Photos must be JPG/JPEG files.
    • Original: Photos must be original submissions (by photographer or with permission) and not previously submitted to a USAID photo contest.

    Caption Requirements:

    • Photo Submitter: The photo submitter’s name should be noted here.
    • Photo Credit: Photos must include the name of the photographer and associated organization, if applicable.
    • Caption: Photos must have a caption describing these elements. Maximum 200 words:
      • Location and date the photo was taken
      • Who is depicted in the photo
      • What activity is depicted in the photo
      • How the activity addresses climate change
      • Name of the relevant program receiving USAID support (via Global Climate Change or other funds)
      • Names of partner organizations involved in the program


    We invite photos related to Climate Change and People: The Challenges and Opportunities. We’re looking for submissions that capture the human dimension of climate change, in particular, social and economic responses to global change.

    Examples of relevant photos include depictions of the links between climate change and:

    • conflict and migration
    • adapting to climate and weather extremes
    • economic challenges and opportunities 
    • nature-based solutions
    • youth climate leaders and climate action champions


    Photos will be excluded from the contest that:
    • Are not in a digital format and submitted electronically
    • Have been significantly retouched or altered with software
    • Contain obscene, provocative, defamatory, explicit, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate content
    • Infringe on copyrights or misrepresent the work of others
    • Include watermarks, time or date stamps, or logos
    • Have not met all submission requirements
    • Are compressed files
    • Do not include photographer credit, caption, and location

    How to Submit Photos

    To enter the contest, visit the Climatelinks photo submission page by July 16th, 2021. Submissions must include all required information to be considered. For any questions, contact the Climatelinks team at [email protected].
    Winners will be announced in Fall 2021.