This photo was taken from Dohar, Dhaka, Bangladesh on the dated 25 June 2019. In this photograph women are harvesting chilies. Chilies plants can live between 1.5 - 15 years depending on the species. Agroforestry is responsible for almost 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture is the root cause of 80% of tropical deforestation.Global farming has reached a crisis point. Intensified land use and inefficient human systems threaten food security and drive biodiversity loss and climate change. Half the world’s fertile soil is already lost and, with an estimated 60 years of topsoil left, we need a farming strategy that restores soil and secures food production. It is possible to put global agriculture into a climate-smart future and the solution already exists. Practiced around the world, it’s known as regenerative agroforestry.For save the world from climate crisis we need to concentrate to agro based forestry.

Agroforestry could solve the climate crisis

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Country Bangladesh

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