A group of people stand among coffee and banana plants, and two of the people hold bunches of bananas up for the camera.

Monte Sinai, Chiapas, 2019.
Project: The Alliance for Sustainable Landscapes and Markets

Within the framework of the “Alliance for Sustainable Landscapes and Markets” financed by USAID and implemented by Rainforest Alliance in Mexico we strengthen resilient, sustainable farm and forestland management of coffee producers in Chiapas.

The diversification of crops in coffee landscapes is essential to transform agricultural practices towards a more sustainable future. Not only do fruit trees in coffee crops give shadow, protection and nurture to coffee plants, making them more resilient to funguses and diseases but they also help in the food security of rural communities and in the sustainability of coffee in Mexico.

In Alliance with Olam, we are working with 200 coffee producers in the restoration of their landscapes. We are restoring and reforesting 1, 000 degraded hectares of coffee crops that were devastated by the coffee rust commonly called “Roya” in Mexico.

Bananas and coffee! Diversification of crops for a better future

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Country Mexico

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