A step mountainside is seen from a ridge, with multiple terraces cascading down the side from top to bottom.

Western parts of Rwanda has very steep hill sides prone to soil erosion and severe soil degradation. Climate Change is expected to result in increase in extreme events is likely to affect the heavily populated, denuded, steep hillsides much more than other areas. A Feed the Future project called Hinga Weze is promoting radical terracing and planting Agroforestry trees to were planted to provide wood for fuel and fodder for livestock/social protection while avoiding deforestation and improving food security. This has multiple additional benefits, namely reduced soil erosion and increased resilience to heavy rains through improved slope stability; water management and nutrient recycling which improve agricultural production and carbon sequestration.

Bench terraces and agroforestry trees in Nyabihu hillsides, Western Rwanda

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Country Rwanda
Topics Adaptation

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