Two children smile as they drink from a water spigot.
Children are delighted to drink water after the tap has been constructed in their house.

Children are delighted to drink water from the newly constructed tap in their house. The tap was built as part of the USAID RECoVER project in Bakaiya-6, Khopilte, Nepal, implemented in partnership with SAPPROSH Nepal and Catholic Relief Services since 2021. Before construction of this and similar taps in the area, people were used to fetching water from ponds and rivers for daily use. With the completion of this water project, the community now has access to clean drinking water, with taps in each household, benefiting the community by saving them time, improving their health conditions, and allowing them to utilize the wastewater in kitchen gardens. Simultaneously, this drinking water project supported them to grow vegetables and preserve the surrounding greenery. 




Children are happily drinking water in the tap.

Photographer Krishna Ghimire
Copyright © 2023 Krishna Ghimire

Country Nepal
Topics Water and Sanitation

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