In this photo, it is seen that a female LSP named Jesmin Akter is inseminating native cattle at Ramu, Cox's Bazar which is not a common sight in Bangladesh. Women have been empowered in a number of ways and women's engagement in artificial insemination in cattle brings a new dimension to it. Her family is getting economic support from her artificial insemination activity which is now becoming a common scene in her area. She used to attend 30-40 calls in a month and earns 12000 to 15000 thousand per month doing this activity. She is available with her service during monsoon times and prepares her well with dress and gumboots to avoid climatic uncertainties in a muddy rural area. Farmers believe her and praise her for her dedicated service, which brings economic progress and prosperity to her family and earns her respect.

Climate Change and People:The Challenges and Opportunities

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Country Bangladesh

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