A colorfully dressed woman stands on the edge of a field at sunset, looking into the distance.

For many Mozambican farmers, improving yields is a challenge. Years of practicing traditional farming methods, such as planting the same crops on the same land year-after-year, have depleted the soil’s fertility. On top of this, hot dry spells are becoming more frequent, and rain either comes in a downpour or doesn’t come at all.

The Feed the Future Resilient Agricultural Markets Activity is supporting farmers to increase agricultural productivity by improving farming practices, like proper seed spacing and intercropping maize fields with legumes. Legumes are nitrogen-fixing crops that repel pests and replenish soil health, making the soil more effective at retaining water during periods of drought. The legume beans and dark green leaves also provide Ana’s family with additional sources of nutrition.

Climate smart farming in Mozambique

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Country Mozambique
Topics Disaster Risk Management

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