Two workers tend to a corn crop. In the foreground, corn leaves are visible, obscuring the borders of the image.

Two agricultural extensionists from the Mam Mayan population of Todos Santos undergoing a field training day for improved post harvest practices. Todos Santos Cuchumatán is a municipality from Huehuetenango, at 12,559ft elevation, a drought or extreme rainfall have serious effects on smallholder farmers crops, therefore the PHLIL helps this farmers improve their resilience to climate change by improving post-harvest practices, reducing contamination of their corn and increasing their yields, ensuring food safety in adverse conditions. Todos Santos Cuchumatán, Huehuetenango, Guatemala. October 25, 2017.

Feed the Future Post Harvest Loss Innovation Lab Guatemala, Asociación Share de Guatemala.

Climate smart practices at 12,000 feet above sea level

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Country Guatemala
Topics Adaptation, Disaster Risk Management, Food Security and Agriculture

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