Green coffee beans and white coffee flowers are seen close-up on the stem of a plant.

Place: Oaxaca

Project: The Alliance for Sustainable Landscapes and Markets

The alliance for sustainable landscapes and markets integrates communities, producers, markets and consumers, in order to make impactful changes that attend environmental and social issues.

We link sustainable producers with responsible markets that care about bringing to the final consumer quality products that don’t deforest or degrade forests, generating the capture and storage of CO2 and improving the livelihoods of the forest’s inhabitants in Mexico.

We are working with coffee producers in Oaxaca and Chiapas to strengthen their capacities in climate smart agriculture. Also we are working to increase their profitability and the competitiveness in the market by strengthening the producers entrepreneurial capacities, promoting the inclusion of women and young generations in the value chains.

Coffee, better for people and planet

Copyright © 2019 Graciela Zavala Segreste Rainforest Alliance Mexico

Country Mexico
Topics Adaptation

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