Ube farmers Melinda and Virgie enjoys a laugh while tending to their farm

In collaboration with Sunlight Foods Corporation (SFC), USAID Philippines, through its Safe Water Project, empowers farmers like Melinda and Virgie of the Pamalpalen Irrigators Association to shift to sustainable livelihoods. The collaboration has enabled farmers to adopt eco-friendly ube (purple yam) farming methods, which has led to increased farm productivity and preserved water and soil nutrients. SFC purchases all ube produce, ensuring a stable market for farmers. 

More than 70 local farmer organizations, including the Pamalpalen Irrigators Association, have emerged as key suppliers to leading markets by offering sustainable ube crops. This transformative shift boosts community incomes and instills a newfound dedication by communities to protecting the ecosystem, including the watershed where they live. It also demonstrates the crucial role that communities play in increasing resilience to climate risks by promoting ecosystem recovery and water recharge, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions through conserved and healthy forests.

Cultivating Climate Resilience through Sustainable Ube Farming

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Country Philippines
Topics Agriculture, Natural Climate Solutions

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