It's rare for humans to get an up-close view of the rainforest canopy. Yet, this is just what they do when they participate in numerous ecotourism activities found in Costa Rica that serve to bring tourists to this rarely seen part of the forest. 

While zip lines might be the most commonly known type of canopy ecotourism, there are other possibilities, such as sky walks, where visitors take a trail that passes over hanging bridges. While still exhilarating, sky walks are not quite as heart-stopping as the faster-paced zip lines. Sky walks are perfect for individuals and families looking to experience an unfamiliar place while learning a little about what makes that place special.

This image was taken from the the middle of a hanging bridge, looking down into the canopy layer of the forest below. 

Eagle eye view of the canopy

Copyright © 2020 Stephan Hardeman

Country Costa Rica
Topics Biodiversity, Natural Resource Management

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